Atlanta Commission on Women

Advocating Issues Affecting the Women of Atlanta

Our Mission

The mission of the Commission is to study, address and advocate issues affecting the quality of life, status and well-being of women in the Atlanta area; to promote access and awareness; and to provide leadership and take action to impact legislation that will protect and support women.


The Atlanta Commission on Women was established by ordinance (00-0-0192) of the Atlanta City Council, approved by the Mayor on March 28, 2000, for the purpose of supporting and advocating women’s issues through research; the collection and dissemination of information; and the review and analysis of city laws.


We promise to promote, encourage and provide advisory assistance to other women’s organizations; conduct studies and hold public hearings on issues affecting women; promote access and awareness of issues facing women; and provide leadership by taking action to impact legislation that will protect and support women.


  • review and analysis of studies impacting the lives of women
  • attention to and analysis of various complaints from women, such as domestic violence
  • review of existing laws and regulations to update them
  • collection and dissemination of information regarding the status of women
  • creation of a directory of resources and services for women and girls
  • networking and collaborating with women and women’s advocacy groups to improve the quality of life of women in the Atlanta area
The Atlanta City Council serves as the legislative branch of city government.  It is comprised of sixteen (16) members and presided over by the President of the Council.  The Council adopts ordinances to establish city policy, law, and resolutions to express legislative intent.  Each Councilperson appoints a district representative to the Board of Commissioners for the Atlanta Commission on Women.
Board of Commissioners
Sasha Friedman, District 1
Randee Kelly, District 2
Anissa Ferrell, District 3, Vice Chair
Dany Craig, District 4
Carrie Salone, District 5
Beth Miles Berry, District 6
Kandice Allen Mitchell, District 7
Cameron Turner, District 9
Celestine Bray Bottoms, District 10
Maeryia Williams. District 11
Kim Schofield, District 12
Cathy Huyghe, District P2
Elise Blasingame, District P3
Suzanne Burks, District CP, Chair
Karli Swift, District CP
Sara Redd, Mayor Bottoms
Bridget Brown, City of Atlanta Liaison
City Council Representatives
Carla Smith, District 1
Amir R. Farokhi, District 2
Antonio Brown, District 3
Cleta Winslow, District  4
Natalyn M. Archibong, District 5
Jennifer N. Ide, District 6
Howard Shook, District 7
J.P. Matzigkeit, District 8
Dustin Hillis, District 9
Andrea L. Boone, District 10
Marci Cillier Overstreet, District 11
Joyce Sheperd, District 12
Michael Julian Bond, Post 1 at Large
Matt Westmoreland, Post 2 at Large
Andre Dickens, Post 3 at Large

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Atlanta Commission on Women

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